Community Service

The Beta Zeta chapter of Delta Sigma Phi participates in many different types of community services.


Last April, the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi helped out Shoes4Smiles by collecting shoes from other IFC chapters. The shoes were then cleaned and organized by size, gender, and age (adult vs child). The shoes were separated for donation to either the St. Francis House or the Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County, and they were delivered to the respective organization by our brothers.

During the Big Event, 50 brothers volunteered at Tacahale Developmental Disability Center, where they repainted picnic tables, cleaned the exterior of the disability center, and planted new flowers along
the outside of the building. 

In the picture, you can see our brothers partnering with the American Red Cross on MLK Day. Fifty-eight of our brothers went through Alachua County to bring awareness to the Home Fire Campaign, provide safety education, and get homes signed up for free smoke alarm installs. We canvassed over 650 homes in the Alachua County for a total of 174 service hours!


"[Delta Sigma Phi] had overall success during the event day and in the weeks to come, thanks to their outreach in the neighborhoods. Additionally, they showed up on time, exuded enthusiasm and professionalism and hopefully, had a good time giving back to their community. We would be happy to have Delta Sigma Phi back to collaborate on a future outreach project!"
-Bianca Espirit, ARC