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Family FAQ

Will joining Delta Sig be a huge time commitment for my son?

Many of our brothers are involved in plenty of other activities outside of Delta Sig. In fact, we even require extracurricular involvement from our members (click here for more). As such, we try to make the time requirements for being in the fraternity not too demanding. It is important to remember, though, that you get out what you put in!

What if I don't think I can afford to pay for a fraternity for my son?

Joining Delta Sig may cost much less than you think, especially when you factor in costs saved on meal plans and potentially housing. However, we understand cost can still be an issue, and have created a number of different payments plans to help make sure our brothers are able to be a part of the fraternity they love.

Will becoming a part of Delta Sigma Phi hurt my son's grades?

Nope, it may actually help them out! We have an academic mentorship program in the fraternity to help brothers get the best grade they can, and many of our brothers have astounding academic achievements. For more information, visit our "Academics" page.

What if my son is an upperclassman? Is it too late for him to join?

Not at all! The connections and memories that your son will make being a part of Delta Sig will last him a lifetime.

Will my son be hazed?

Hazing is strictly forbidden within our fraternity. Our new member program is six to eight weeks long and consists of activities to grow new members in their knowledge of the fraternity, their involvement in the fraternity, and themselves as a person.

Does joining Delta Sig mean that my son has to live in the fraternity house?

Not necessarily. Currently, we do not require members to live in house unless there are empty rooms within the house that still need to be filled by brothers.

Will my son have to drink alcohol? I don't want him to feel pressured.

Joining Delta Sig in no ways requires your son to use any drugs or alcohol. The majority of events actually do not include alcohol, such as philanthropy, community service, and brotherhood events. We fully respect your son's choice!

Any concerns not addressed here? Feel free to reach out to us on our "Contact Us" page!

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